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Most Esteemed Guests, Distinguished Advisors and Honorable Participants,

It is my utmost pleasure and honor to welcome you to the fourth annual session of Oguzkaan Schools Junior Model United Nations Conference which will be taking place on 28th and 29th March, 2020. Just like the previous one, our conference will host young delegates and provide them with a chance and experience to debate and lobby as well as developing their public speaking skills and giving them self confidence. This year, we hope that all the participants will have acquired experience.It is a great responsibility to be a part of this world, which is home to wonderful opportunities as well as alarming issues. At a time when border, social and international conflicts are becoming increasingly frequent, preserving and improving connections and meeting solutions have become a priority. No conflict can be regarded as domestic since globalization has grown to such an extent that we are affected deeply by every incident regardless of its origins. Under these circumstances it is crucial for the world to reach a common viewpoint. For this year, we have chosen the theme of the conference as ‘Where the world meets solutions’ .

We are honored to present our General Assembly Committees which are; Crisis Committee, Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee, Women’s Rights Committee, Environment Committee,Political Committee and Disarmament Committee . In addition to our GA Committees, we offer our delegates an  experience of attending  our Special Committees. In all our committees, you will be facing different agenda items such as ‘Discrimination against Women’in Women’s Rights Committee, ‘Preventing Desertification And Ensuring An Integrated Approach For Lower Carbon Intensity’ in Environmental Committee and so forth.

Lastly, we trust our delegates and we believe you will learn a lot about the world, its problems and you will offer efficient solutions. Oguzkaan Schools Junior Model United Nations is a conference that provides more than knowledge and development in skills, it is an opportunity to create vivid memories and entertaining moments. Our staff  have been working  relentlessly with our advisors  to ensure that your experience as a delegate at Oguzkaan Schools JMUN 2020 is incredible. We truly hope that you will join us for a fantastic  MUN experience. Please browse through our updated website to see all of the committees and opportunities that will be offered at Oguzkaan Schools JMUN 2020, and if you have any questions related to  the conference ,please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Berk Yenici

President of the General Assembly